S6 Ep3 Starting a business that aligns to your core values with Callee from The Hippie Haven

In todays episode we’re excited to be heading across the pond (virtually of course!) to talk to Callee, the host of The Hippie Haven Podcast, as well as business owner of Bestowed Essentials, a vegan and eco friendly line of beauty and home products.

We find out what it takes to grow a self employed business from scratch whilst staying true to your core values, and how Callee has adapted her business model in light of recent events.

Callee speaks openly about her experiences as a young, female entrepreneur, from the struggles of imposter syndrome and male dominated networking events, to the joy of turning a passion project into a successful business that spreads a positive message and empowers women.

We also have a chat about what it's like to live in America right now in the current political climate.
This episode is full of Callee's great advice as well as a healthy dose of reality, so if you're thinking of starting your own business, this is a must listen!

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Where to shop zero waste in the UK (recommended by Callee): www.plasticfreedom.co.uk

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