S4 Ep10: What is Zero Waste Living and Can I Do It Too? ft. Charlotte Watkivs

In our every day lives we encounter a staggering amount of materials that end up as rubbish in our bins. It might therefore seem impossible to imagine living for a whole year without sending a single item to landfill. However in this episode we talk to one woman who has done just that, to learn more about the concept of Zero Waste Living and how we can make our own positive changes.

In this episode we talk about:
  • Charlotte's motivation for going zero waste
  • Why paper packaging isn't as great for the environment as you might think
  • Simple changes we can make to live more sustainably
  • Other people's perceptions
  • Why you should concentrate on your own actions and not others
  • What to do if you're worried you can't make big enough changes, including protecting your mental health
  • Charlotte's TedxWolverhampton Talk

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Show info

This week’s special guest: Charlotte Watkivs from www.zerowastelife.co.uk
ZeroWasteLife's Instagram: www.instagram.com/azerowastelife
Charlotte's brilliant TedTalk explaining Zero Waste Life in a nutshell: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lvW7nfWlL4&fbclid=IwAR0b_VtjHbTUfhBxhdZij5nLiJcQ-F3ElJKeB1SQX0l0wVAUMn9XKo47nng
Oddbox (London only service): www.oddbox.co.uk
Bea Johnson's Instagram (mentioned by Charlotte): www.instagram.com/zerowastehome

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