S4 EP3: How a Mr Porter Briefcase Launched SugSean's Career

Season 4 Episode 3: How a Mr Porter Briefcase Launched SugSean's Career

This week we’re joined Shawn Webster, the man behind the hugely popular online social media accounts Sug Sean. 
Shawn started his career as a chef, but when he decided to get creative with some Mr Porter packaging on Instagram, he gained thousands of followers overnight, launching his career as a top social media influencer.
We sit down to talk about the briefcase that changed everything and what life is really like as a hugely successful content creator, including:
  • Shawn's most memorable moments
  • The story behind Billion the Frenchie's starring role in a Suzuki campaign
  • Whether the removal of Instagram 'likes' is something to look forward to
  • Online story telling

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Mentioned in this episode:
Sug Sean's Website: www.sugsean.com
Shawn's Instagram: @sugsean

The Mr Porter Briefcase: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtngwijhvrO/
How To Chaffeur Your Dog In Style (ad with Suzuki): youtube.com/watch?v=ENRW-RX2tnc 
NEXT Campaign: NEXT #SuitCamp

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