S3 EP4: What's It Like To Go Freelance? ft Vix Meldrew

Season 3 Episode 4: What's It Like To Go Freelance?

This week we’re thrilled to be joined by the one and only Vix Meldrew! 

Vicky worked for 6 years in a traditional teaching career but unbeknownst to her colleagues she was steadily growing an online following as Vix Meldrew. She became the blogger who dared to talk about the realities of dating and sex in a refreshingly honest, often hilarious and always relatable style that made every new post a must read.

Since then Vicky has taken her blog full time whilst adapting her content and readership to stay true to her authentic self. Then she’s diversified further, launching an online multi faceted business as a creator coach, helping others to nail their personal brand and realise their full potential online. 

We had a really in depth chat and covered so much, here are just some of the things you can expect from this episode:
  • Transitioning from a traditional career to self employment
  • The benefits and pitfalls of freelancing
  • Choosing to move away from the content you're known for
  • Entitlement in the 'influencer' industry
  • Vix's new venture Grow and Glow
(Warning - there is some swearing and adult content in this episode)

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Mentioned in the Show

Vicky's Blog: vixmeldrew.com/

Exciting Emails: The Podcast: vixmeldrew.com/podcast/

Grow&Glow (coming soon!): vixmeldrew.com/coming-soon

Vix Meldrew on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vixmeldrew@vixmeldrew

Vix Meldrew on Instagram: @vixmeldrew

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