S2 EP6: Modern Day Activism

Season 2 Episode 6: Modern Day Activism

Snowflakes, narcissists, spoiled, entitled. These are all descriptions that persist in the media to describe the millennial generation, but we’re also the first generation to realise the power of digital media in order to educate, inspire and challenge the status quo.

With that in mind, we really wanted to talk about modern day activism and the way in which our own perceptions have changed, as well as some of the truly inspiring millennial voices that we think you should know about.

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Mentioned in the Show

Jehv Maravilla’s McDonalds prank to highlight the lack of Asian representation: youtube.com/we-became-mcdonalds-poster-models

Marie Claire explain the power of a hashtag in the Repeal the 8th Irish Referendum debate: marieclaire.co.uk/news/home-to-vote

Gina Martin’s Upskirting story: bbc.co.uk/news/ginamartin
(ALSO she has just announced that she’s written a book, ‘Be The Change, A Toolkit for Activism’ – available here: amazon.co.uk/Book-Be-The-Change-Gina-Martin

The Feed’s interview with Lauren Mayberry, Chvrches: youtube.com/TheFeed-Chvrches

Hannah Witton’s Youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/HannahWitton

The Guilty Feminist Podcast: guiltyfeminist.com

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